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The continuous narrow gauge network which exists today in the canton of the Jura is the result of the merger of several different railways. The first line to be built was the short Tavannes- Tramelan line (TT) constructed in 1884. In 1892, the railway from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Saignelégier was added and in 1904, the standard gauge line Saignelégier- Glovelier. The last addition came in 1913 with the Tramelan- Le Noirmont connection. All of these different railways, some steam-operated, some electrically operated, merged in 1944 to form the CJ. In order to standardize the network, the CJ converted the Saignelégier-Glovelier line in 1953 to narrow gauge as well and introduced electrical operation on the entire network using 1500 V direct current. Since then, electric train sets are operated on the entire 74 km long network, taking the traveller through the spectacular Jura landscape.

Of special interest is the Saignelégier- Glovelier line which runs through deep gorges and uses the Combe- Tabeillon as its turn back or terminal point. There are plans to extend the CJ, parallel to the SBB. starting at Glovelier and continuing all the way to the capitol of the canton, Delemont. In addition to the narrow gauge lines, the CJ operates the standard gauge railway Porrentruy- Bonfol, which has no direct connection to the rest of the CJ network.

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