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The Bellinzona-Mesocco railway, built in 1907, led an isolated existence in the south of the canton Grison. There was too little scope to ensure survival, and hence it merged with the Rhaetian Railway

When the RhB took it over in 1942, the rolling stock of the Mesocco line was already outdated. Construction of a national highway in Misox Valley was the beginning of end, and a storm in August 1978 caused such damage the the RhB board simply closed the line between Cama and Mesocco.

Today, true railway fans could weep with frustration at the meagre service offered. There are trains whcih only will perform maily goods traffic. Parts of the RhB branch were not only closed down but demolished.

Yet those with patience and time to wait can still enjoy moments that are quite interesting. It would hardly occur to them that the regionīs almost non-existant industry is the lifeblood of the valley, kept flowing through the carrier or trolley service.

In 1995 some railway enthusiasts started trips with old railcars along the existing line. There are alos some trips anncounced for 1996.

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